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09 Sep 2019 | CAPS Clinic

Brooke’s Dermal Sciences Degree – Part 3

Let’s get an update from Brooke, our Dermal Clinician who continues studying and training for her Bachelor of Dermal Sciences degree at Victoria University in Melbourne. She is achieving great results and expanding the range of treatments she is able to offer to our clients too!

What was the most recent subject about?

The most recent subject was Dermal research methods. This unit provided an introduction to research methodology and how it can be applied to the aesthetics industry. 

What did you enjoy learning the most in that subject? 

For this subject, we ran our own research via interviews and surveys investigating if the younger generation had more sunscreen knowledge then the older generation. I found seeing the process of research being conducted helped to understand how research articles get their content and results through analysing data and statistics.

What was the hardest thing about this subject? 

Data and statistics were completely new to me, so the hardest part was wrapping my head around the different equations for testing our results.

What did you learn? 

From this topic, I learnt to understand how to read a journal article, analysis and differentiate between different testing and results to determine whether a paper has enough supportive evidence to support its claims.

How will it help you in your dermal clinician work? 

This subject helps us as dermal clinicians as we are always keeping informed about the latest research and findings pertaining to our industry. You are required to understand journal articles and be able to find the backing to support what we do in practice. The technology and treatments we offer at the CAPS clinic are all evidence-based and proven to generate results.

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