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Healite is an effective LED light technology, with no pain and no downtime, that can provide therapeutic treatment for a number of concerns. If you are having surgery, pre and post Healite treatments can assist with faster wound healing, reducing scars and reducing bruising and swelling. If you suffer from the frustration and embarrassment of acne, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, Healite can be used to support your healing as part of a treatment plan. Healite is also a great way to rejuvenate skin and address concerns of ageing too, like fine lines, wrinkles and laxity.

If I could only have 1 treatment for the rest of my days, this would be it!! It keeps our collagen factories ticking over and let’s be honest we want that process happening efficiently, for as long as possible!!

Sally, Dermal Clinician

My Genesis Clinic Healite Package with Enzyme Mask Treatment


Tell me about Healite

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How does Healite work?

Here at the My Genesis Clinic in Canberra we chose to use the Healite II as our LED system. LED technology, which stands for ‘light emitting diode’, uses different wavelengths that are emitted by special light globes – they are powerful enough to safely and gently affect the skin and its structures.

The LED technology works by delivering parcels of energy to the cells of the skin, activating the mitochondria (energy factories) of these skin cells to heighten their internal functions and stimulate blood flow which results in further nutrient and oxygen delivery to the skin.

Healite technology can be used as a standalone treatment or can be combined with other treatments in the clinic to enhance results and recovery.

Which skin concerns can be treated with Healite?

For acne, Healite can be used in conjunction with active skincare products, to control sebum production, reduce inflammation and reduce the bacteria that are known to cause acne.

For wound healing and scar reduction, Healite technology stimulates cell regeneration by increasing circulation and boosting cellular renewal processes, which induces faster healing through repairing damaged cells. By supporting the healing process we can reduce scarring. Healite treatments can be used both pre and post surgery. Lymphatic drainage is also enhanced and supported with the Healite treatment.

For ageing skin, the Healite treatments stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, making a difference in your skin’s luminosity, circulation, laxity and texture. It forms a great ‘add on’ to any laser or light therapy or exfoliation treatment as the therapy to help soothe the area post treatment. Again, this can be done as a standalone treatment as a series of 8, or teamed with other treatments to enhance wound healing.

For rosacea, which is a combination of a damaged capillary network, redness and inflammatory lesions occurring on the cheeks, nose and forehead, Healite treatments can support the skins immune function to settle inflammation and strengthen the capillary network.

What can I expect from my Healite treatment?

After a short review and discussion with your Dermal Clinician/Therapist (Dermal Specialist), a consent form will be completed. When having Healite treatment for your face, any make up or skincare will be removed by a Specialist before your treatment begins. If the treatment is on an area of the body, you may need to undress but a robe or blanket can be provided. Healite can be used on nearly any part of the body.

The Healite treatment will feel warm on the area it is being used on, most patients find it very relaxing. The lights are bright so we use protective eyewear to keep you as comfortable as possible. The head of lights will be brought down and around your face, about 10cm away, which may cause some clients to feel enclosed. The equipment does not touch your skin. Let your clinician know if you are feeling unsettled.

The Healite treatments lasts for a pre-programmed time of 14 minutes. (You will be booked in for a 30 minute appointment to allow time beforehand to cleanse your skin and to apply products after the Healite treatment). The recommended treatment course is 2 treatments a week for 4 weeks. Your Specialist will tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs for the optimal outcome.

After your treatment, a Specialist will apply appropriate skin care. Makeup can also be applied if you desire.

There is no pain, no downtime and side-effects are very rare. LED technology does not contain UV rays and cannot burn your skin.

Am I a suitable candidate for Healite?

Healite can be used on all skin types and there are no skin or hair colour restrictions.

If you are taking any new medication or medications that cause photosensitivity please call the clinic on (02) 6282 1155 to see if this may impact your ability to have a Healite performed.

You are not a suitable candidate for Healite if you have an active herpes outbreak.

You can also learn more about the general reasons why your My Genesis booking may need to be postponed.

Is there any preparation prior to Healite?

If you are taking any new medication or medications that cause photosensitivity please call the clinic on (02) 6282 1155 to discuss.

For the treatment, your skin just needs to be clean and make-up free. Your Specialist will cleanse your skin to ensure your treatment is carried out safely.


A well prepared and supported skin will enhance your treatment results and so adopting an active skincare regime along with your Healite treatments is recommended.

A full comprehensive skin analysis can determine which active skin care and wellness products will be of benefit to you. This initial consultation will take approximately one hour with one of our Dermal Clinicians or Dermal Therapists, and the charge for this service is a very worthwhile investment of $100.

During your consultation your Dermal Specialist will:

  • discuss your concerns with you
  • examine and assess the health and current condition of your skin
  • develop a personalised treatment plan including a tailored skin care regime designed to meet your specific concerns, lifestyle and budget.
  • provide an estimate of costs and time required to complete your treatment program.

To book your skin analysis consultation please call (02) 6282 1155. For further information, you can also email mygenesis@capsclinic.com.au

For other general preparation guidlines, you can also learn more about the reasons why your My Genesis booking may need to be postponed.

Is there any post treatment care after Healite?

There is no downtime after Healite, you can return to activities immediately. Your skin may be a bit pink afterwards, but this generally settles to a nice glow!

You should avoid sun exposure for 6 weeks after.

What results can I expect from Healite?

Whilst results may vary, for most patients improvements can be seen after a few sessions. Further results reveal themselves over the coming weeks as you complete your course of treatments. Maintenance Healite sessions are ideal every 3 to 6 months.

What are the prices and packages for Healite treatments?

Single Healite Treatment $100 each

Add-on Healite Treatment $50 each (When added on to another skin rejuvenation treatment, must be added at time of booking and taken within same appointment).

Healite Pre-Paid Package $300 for 4 Healite Treatments (This equates to $75 each, total saving $100)

Healite Package Terms and Conditions

  • A booking fee of $50 is required at the time of booking. Booking fee is forfeit if you cancel within 48hrs of your appointment, or fail to show.
  • The booking fee will be deducted from the Healite Pre-Paid Package fee. Balance of payment due at time of first appointment. Healite Pre-Paid Packages are non-refundable.
  • Pending client suitability. A short review will take place with your clinician to determine suitability, before treatment commences. Medications that may cause photosensitivity may impact your ability to have a Healite performed.
  • No substitutions for Healite treatment within Healite Pre-paid Package.
  • Healite treatments as part of a Healite Pre-Paid Package must be taken within 3 months of date paid.
  • Receive a complimentary Enzyme Mask treatment valued at $60 with every Healite Pre-Paid Package. Clients who have had facial surgery must wait 2 weeks after surgery before having Enzyme Mask treatment. Enzyme Mask treatment will be completed during your Healite treatment appointment.
  • Bookings can be made by calling (02) 6282 1155 between Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, pending availability at the time of your call.
  • Please refer to our general treatment information regarding postponements here.

I love the way I feel after a Healite treatment, I’m relaxed and my skin is glowing! It's like laying on a beach! And I am having far fewer breakouts…


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