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Skin needling (aka collagen induction therapy) is a minimally invasive procedure performed using a SkinPen – a pen like device with a sterile, disposable cartridge tip containing small needles. These needles cause micro injury to the skin stimulating a wound healing response and in turn stimulate a range of growth factors and cell repair.

This treatment can improve the skin’s overall appearance and reduces fine lines, pigmentation, texture, tone, stretch marks and scarring/acne scarring.

Due to its non-ablative, non-thermal approach, it is suitable for all skin types!

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How does Skin Needling work?

Skin Pen is a medical skin needling device that is used for treating a range of skin concerns.

Skin needling (aka collagen induction therapy) is a minimally invasive procedure involving the movement of a pen like device with a sterile, disposable cartridge tip containing small needles. These needles cause micro injury to the skin, stimulating a wound healing response and in turn stimulating a range of growth factors such as cell repair and the production of fibroblasts which leads to the production of collagen and elastin. The micro channels are not visible to the naked eye, but this treatment is able to break down old collagen strands, allowing for skin renewal and stronger collagen bundles to be formed, improving overall appearance and adding structure to the skin.

What skin conditions are treated with Skin Needling?

SkinPen Skin Needling can be used for multiple skin concerns such as acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, enlarged pores, pigmentation, scars and stretch marks.

Due to its non-ablative, non-thermal and fractionated approach, it is safe for all skin types.

What can I expect from a Skin Needling treatment?

During treatment there is minimal discomfort, but most people find the treatment comfortable.

You may experience pinpoint bleeding, bruising, redness and sensitivity during/post treatment. Your skin may be slightly red, tight, and dry for up to 3 days after your treatment.  On day 3, you may have slight peeling and flaking of the skin. You may feel and look like you have a mild sunburn. For most, this redness subsides within 24 hours.

You can apply makeup 24 hours after your treatment, making it a great procedure option if you can’t allow for a lot of downtime in your schedule.

Is there any preparation prior to a Skin Needling treatment?

Preparation for a SkinPen treatment is done by using skincare for 4 weeks. We recommend specialised active ingredients to prep the skin before treatment to ensure quicker recovery, increase skin health and to limit risks post-treatment such as hyperpigmentation.

Is there any post-treatment care after Skin Needling?

Post care after SkinPen treatments is vital to fast recovery post treatment. You will be given specific post treatment products to use along with instructions on how to use them. After skin needling, following post care instructions is of utter importance to prevent adverse events.

What results can I expect from Skin Needling?

Clients usually notice initial results within a week. Glowing, healthier skin is more apparent as the deeper tissue in the skin continues to repair. Collagen remodelling takes place for 3-6 months after only one treatment. We do recommend a series of 3-6 treatments 4-6 weeks apart depending on the condition and area of the body we are treating.

Maintenance treatments are recommended every 3-6 months to maintain results.

Skin Needling Risks

  • Some discomfort may be experienced during treatment
  • Skin needling procedures can result in redness, swelling, bruising, crusting, or flaking of the treated area, which may require one to three weeks to heal. Exposure to sunlight must be avoided 6-8 weeks pre and post treatment. Skin infection is a rare possibility whenever a skin procedure is performed. Once the surface has healed, it may be pink or sensitive to the sun for an additional two to four weeks, or longer in some patients. Itching, Irritation and acne breakouts may also occur
  • There is a slight possibility that the treated area can become either hypopigmented (lighter), or hyperpigmented (darker), in colour compared to the surrounding skin. This is usually temporary, but, on a rare occasion, it may be permanent
  • Scarring is a rare occurrence, but it is a possibility if the skin’s surface is disrupted. To minimise the chances of scarring, it is IMPORTANT that you follow all pre and post-treatment instructions.

What is the price of a Skin Needling treatment?

Skin Pen treatments start from $150 for small areas whilst full face treatments are $350. To get a quote for your concerns, a consultation with one of our dermal specialists is recommended.

The SkinPen treatment helped to clear up my congestion and gave me the clearest skin I have had in years just after one treatment!

Brooke, Dermal Clinician

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