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18 May 2022 | CAPS Clinic

Brooke’s Dermal Sciences Degree – Part 10

Brooke has officially concluded her studies, graduating from Victoria University with a Bachelor in Dermal Sciences as a fully-fledged Dermal Clinician! Read about her journey here.



Wow has time flown!

Here I was three years ago not knowing how to tackle university, work and family life but I have come out the other side of the crazy whirlwind that we all have encountered through covid, the cancellations and restructuring of life in general – I have finished my degree. FINALLY!

Although the past two years have been challenging, I look back and I am so thankful I persevered and stuck to my guns to get through my studies with the support of my family, friends, work colleagues and the amazing, very understanding patients that we have at the CAPS clinic. I am now adjusting to normality and enjoying being in the clinic, creating stability for our patients and also having some work life balance. Looking back to three years ago I have gained an astounding amount of knowledge which is invaluable to my professional career. I feel to be the best at what you do in any industry, you need to continue to learn and grow with the changes of your industry otherwise you get left behind.

Completing the Bachelor of Dermal Sciences has not only opened so many new doors career-wise for me, but it has also given me so much more then I could have ever imagined. I have grown so much personally and professionally. Knowledge is definitely the key for within the medical realm of skin health and therefore I have dedicated countless years working on developing my knowledge to what it is today. Over the years I have come across so many different skin conditions and now with what I have gained I can now apply what I have learned to practice. I have found a new love for laser devices and having an in-depth knowledge of these has enabled me to be able to use these for treatment of some skin conditions.

Since finishing my degree in February 2022, I have had the pleasure of speaking at my first conference on behalf of a laser company which was a huge achievement for myself as I had a fear of public speaking when I first started the degree. With my newfound knowledge and my past studies of naturopathy, nutrition, and western herbal medicine I endeavour to continue to grow, inspire, educate, empower, and assist my patients to be the very best versions of themselves. With over 19 years of experience and skin health knowledge I am now as a Dermal Clinician ready to help others go on their skin journeys and help educate others.

A Dermal Clinician not only has a 4 year bachelor’s degree in dermal science we are trained to look at the skin with a holistic view. We study everything from anatomy and physiology, laser physics, OHS, dermatology, wound healing, lymphoedema, acute and chronic skin ailments, chemistry, psychology, dermoscopy, nutrition, post-surgical care, and non-surgical skin treatments just to name a few. As a Dermal Clinician we are trained to look for evidence-based treatment options for patients so you can ensure you are seeing a professional that has up-to-date knowledge of skin health.

I am excited to see what the future holds, and I see this just the beginning of a very exciting career ahead!


Brooke Worthy
Dermal Clinician

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