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16 Nov 2020 | CAPS Clinic

Brooke’s Dermal Sciences Degree – Part 9

Brooke, our Dermal Clinician who is currently studying her Bachelor of Dermal Sciences degree at Victoria University in Melbourne, has an update for us. Read all about her adventures here.


What was your last subject? Dermal science 4.


What did it involve? 

This subject investigated the concepts of aging. This involved looking at the integumentary system and craniofacial anatomy. The evolution of humans, the influence of sex and race and in-depth research into the how and why we age, looking into cell biology, biochemistry, genetics including epigenetics and the human development. We also looked into the psychology of aging and the perceptions of beauty.


What was your favourite part of this subject? For this subject our group did our research assignment on melanocytic dermatosis (naevus of Ota, Nevus of Ito and Mongolian spots) researching aetiology and pathophysiology, evidence-based treatment methods as well as clinical presentation. I found this interesting alongside looking at the reasons of why we age.


What did you learn? I learnt why some babies are born with melanocytic abnormalities at birth and what is happening on a cellular level. Another interesting part was craniofacial changes as we age. I also researched the effects of extrinsic and intrinsic factors that result in accumulation of cell damage affecting aging and the gross clinical features of how this presents on the skin’s surface.


How will you use this as a dermal clinician?

Being able to understand these concepts enables us as clinicians to understand what we can treat with dermal treatments in clinic and what we may need to refer on to another specialist like a plastic surgeon.


How has COVID-19 affected your studies?

This year has been a hard year for a lot of people. I have been lucky enough to be able to complete theory subjects throughout most of the year, but I am now due to do some practical which looks like will be in January 2021 if all goes well in Melbourne. I am very thankful for my very supportive family and work colleagues that have been getting me through.


BUT… I only have one more year and then I have finished my studies, which keeps me going. It helps that my work is my passion, it makes my heart sing that every day I can help others to achieve what they are after, and the knowledge I have learnt over the years of being in the skin industry I can now share with all my patients, it’s very rewarding indeed!

So, here’s to another busy year in 2021!

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