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The EMface is a revolution in anti-aging, combining HIFES and Radiofrequency energies in a single 20-minute treatment to tighten the skin and strengthen the muscles of the face.


The EMface reduces wrinkles, tightens sagging skin and restores definition to the face with no filler, no surgery, no invasive threads and no downtime.

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How does Emface work?

Emface works by using HIFES (High Intensity Focused Electrical Stimulation) technology which targets the frontalis muscle in the forehead and zygomaticus major, zygomaticus minor and the risorius muscles in the cheeks. The HIFES technology causes supramaximal contractions. These contractions strengthen the muscles causing a shortening and lifting effect, resulting in a lift to the cheeks and the forehead region.

Radiofrequency is delivered simultaneously to the dermal layer of the skin causing a stimulation of collagen and elastin fibres in the skin resulting in improved texture and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment targets the structural component of the face as well as stimulating collagen.

What can I expect during my treatment?

At the start of the treatment, the skin will be removed from all makeup and oils. Disposable applicator pads will be applied to the forehead and cheek areas, and you will be attached to the machine itself. A gel pad is applied to the back of the patient. When the treatment is started you will feel a slight warming effect in the area of the cheeks and forehead. This should be even and comfortable. The muscles will start being activated simultaneously. You will feel involuntary muscle contractions to the forehead with a lifting of the forehead and with the cheeks the contraction is in the motion of giving a big smile. The treatment goes for 20 minutes.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Most people are candidates for Emface. A consultation with one of our body contouring specialists is needed before commencing treatment. This treatment is recommended to be used in conjunction with a good skin care routine.

Is any post-treatment care required?

With Emface you can return to your normal daily routine. The only post care instructions that we do recommend is to drink plenty of water. Slight redness and warmth may be noted in the area post treatment.

What other options are there?

Other non-invasive facial rejuvenation options include skin needling, active skincare, peels, injectables and laser treatments to name a few. There is no other device for facial rejuvenation that combines radiofrequency and muscle toning technology in one treatment.

What results can I expect?

Results that you would expect are a lifting to the cheek area, lifting affect to the jawline as well has been seen. Fine lines in the forehead are targeted with this treatment, diminishing their appearance. Overall improved texture and structural appearance is evident. These results are expected to be seen 12 weeks post your treatment sessions.

Emface Risks

  • With every heat-based therapy, in rare cases, damages to natural skin texture and burns can occur
  • There may be certain side effects associated with the Emface treatment, these may include but are not limited to erythema, mild swelling, heating sensation, dry skin, temporary damage to natural skin texture (crust, blister, and burn), muscular pain, temporary muscle spasms.

What is the cost of an Emface treatment plan?

Pricing per treatment: $800.

Initial consult for treatment is complimentary.

Four treatments one week apart are recommended, with maintenance being 6 monthly treatments thereafter.

Emface Before and Afters

View the impressive results achieved with the Emface!


All results after 4 treatments.

Exclusive to My Genesis

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