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31 Aug 2018 | CAPS Clinic

Where do I start with my skin?

I’ve got a problem with my skin! Where do I start?

Whether it’s addressing a concern you’ve had for years, or wanting to focus on your ageing skin, you must start somewhere. Knowing where to start can be confusing and overwhelming. How do you decipher all the information and advice, miracle products and latest gadgets, must-do techniques and treatments that promise results?

You don’t have to. Our Dermal Specialists are skin care specialists who are experts in what your skin needs and know where to start!

Here at My Genesis Clinic we like to start with a full skin analysis prior to any treatment. The consultation starts with a thorough conversation with one of our Dermal Specialists – this lets us understand your concerns before we take a look at your skin.

Looking at your skin is vital but first we need to determine your goals, expectations and any time frames you may have. We also need to understand a bit about your current regime, lifestyle, medications and any pre-existing conditions, as this may impact the types of treatments we can do and when.

Then your skin gets a close up, using a Woods Lamp and the trained eyes (and brain) of our Dermal Specialists. Yes, your make up is removed for this part of the consultation, but we can give you a touch up before you leave.

A treatment plan is then formulated, explaining to you what, when and why, with a written record for you to take with you. There may be products recommended which you can buy on the day, and sometimes a first treatment may be fitted in to this initial consult (discuss this with our Patient Services Team when you call to book).

I feel a bit nervous… and embarrassed.

There is no need to be worried about this consultation, your Dermal Specialist isn’t there to judge what products you currently use, or any dodgy treatments or which skin clinics you’ve visited in the past. Whatever your skin concern or condition, they are interested in helping you work on improving it.

If you can be candid and trusting with your Dermal Specialist, they can develop a treatment plan that can truly help you. This may include:

Sounds great, but I’m on a budget!

We can work within your limitations by:

  • Keeping it simple
  • Moving at a slower pace toward your goal
  • Keeping realistic expectations

I need to look fabulous for a special occasion!

In some cases we can fast track a plan if you’re needing to look particularly brilliant in a hurry! Whether you’ve got a week, a month or a year we can come up with a plan to give your skin the ‘glow’ we all crave. Our Dermal Specialists have certain little tricks up our sleeve that are exclusive to our knowledge base!

I’m ready to start

The best way for you to get started on your journey to great skin is one simple step… book in to have your skin analysis consultation by calling (02) 6282 1155 or emailing 

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