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06 Oct 2023 | CAPS Clinic

Body contouring the non-invasive way!

Body contouring is at the forefront of the aesthetic industry to date and a lot of people are opting for non-surgical methods to achieve the body they are after.

As a clinician performing these treatments the consultation process at the CAPS Clinic is in depth and assessment is of uttermost importance. Although most body contouring devices are marketed in clinics that they can treat everyone, here at CAPS we take your concerns, our professional assessment and knowledge to determine the most appropriate patients for our non-invasive body treatments.

We will suggest other options if you are not an ideal candidate and we do refer our patients to Dr Taylor for surgical intervention if this is a better option for excess skin or functional issues like urinary incontinence, back pain and muscle separation that is needing repairing. One factor I touch on with patients is that a healthy lifestyle – regular exercise and healthy diet is to be included into any non-invasive treatment plan to obtain the best results possible. Our patients are number one and patient care is what we are about at the CAPS Clinic.

In our non-surgical skin clinic, we offer a few treatments for your body contouring needs:

Coolsculpting – Freeze the fat away!

Aka Cryolipolysis uses the direct application of cold technology to a pocket of subcutaneous fat (the soft pinchable fat). With this the application of cold causes apoptosis of the fat cells in the area, destroying up to 30% of the fat cells in the given area.

Treatment areas: Inner and outer thighs, chin, stomach, arms, bra puffs, back, flanks and under the bottom area (banana roll).


Emsculpt NEO – 2 technologies in 1 – tone and decrease fat!!

Emsculpt NEO has been taking the world by storm by its innovative technology. Radiofrequency and HIFEM technology combined in one new device. This device destroys fat cells via the application of heat to the skin whilst the muscles of the area treated are toned through the action of supramaximal contractions (enabling the muscles of the area to contract to their full potential without any pain).

In research Emsculpt NEO is documented to decrease rectus diastasis post pregnancy, it works on the subcutaneous and visceral fat and is being used to not only tone areas that concern people, but also has a use for strengthening muscles that have lost strength through injury or inability to be as mobile as one wishes they could be.

Treatment areas: Stomach, flanks, calf muscles, triceps, biceps, outer/inner/front and back of thighs and buttock.


Skin tightening:

Our titan device in clinic can be used for skin tightening on the body. This device uses infrared laser technology to stimulate collagen and elastin in turn assisting with the beginnings of skin laxity.


Stretch Marks:

Majority of the population have these!

Stretch marks are a common complaint and so many of us wonder if there can be anything done about these. At CAPS non-surgical skin clinic, we offer skin needling “skin Pen” and LaseMD which is a non-ablative laser device to help blend and remodel collagen fibres for a more favourable aesthetic appearance of stretch marks.

If you are wanting further information on how to get your body ready for summer or to find out what treatment options are available for your body contouring needs, contact the clinic on 6282 1155 and organise an appointment to see one of our clinicians to get your tailored individualised treatment program.


Brooke Worthy
Dermal Clinician
BHSc (Dermal Sciences)

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