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12 May 2023 | CAPS Clinic

Benign Lesions and K-Laser

What is a benign skin lesion?

A benign skin lesion is a non-cancerous skin growth.

Who gets benign skin lesions?

Anyone can present with a benign skin lesion.

What are the features of benign skin lesions?

They are generally slow growing and stable.

The shape, colour and structure is generally symmetric.

This is where K- Laser can come in to remove the benign lesion for cosmetic reasons with minimal down time.

What is K-Laser?

K-Laser is a laser technology with 445nm wavelength that ablates raised tissue back down to the surface of the skin without the need for surgery. 1- 2 treatments are required.

Who can benefit from K-Laser?

Benign raised lesions such as seborrheic keratosis, dermal naevus and skin tags. Patients will require clearance of skin lesions before treatment by either our Doctors at 360 UV Clinic or a written letter from your GP.

Where on the body?


What does it feel like?

It gradually warms up the area as it ablates the tissue down. Some pain may be felt.

Utilising the blue light (445nm) with the laser is antimicrobial and minimises heat and scar damage to surrounding tissues with precision target laser. So fast healing and low infection rate is expected.

Generally results are seen straight away but there may be some residual redness that will fade over a few weeks.

Post care after the laser

We expect the area to darken and form a scab, this will come away after 7-14 days. We place a dressing on the site after treatment and ask that you do not get it wet for 48 hours. We encourage the use of Stratamed silicone gel post K-Laser. This is an occlusive dressing ointment which helps the overall healing and outcome of the lesion. This needs to be used twice a day until the scab comes away. After your initial treatment, we’ll organise a return appointment for a review at 4-6 weeks to assess the area of concern and to see if there is a need to re-treat.

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