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17 Mar 2023 | CAPS Clinic

What to look for when getting a skin analysis

As skin clinics are becoming a common entity today, knowing what you should be looking for as a consumer can be a little confusing with all the social media and marketing that we see today. For those after a little help this blog is going to explain the importance of a skin consultation when you’re looking at undergoing treatments to your skin and how this assessment is important to be done regularly as your skin changes through seasons and as we age.

Firstly, I wanted to touch on who the different therapists are that you may see during a consultation. There are beauty therapists with a diploma qualification, dermal therapists generally come under post graduate nurses that have done a course in skin after finishing their nursing degree and a dermal clinician that holds a bachelor’s degree in skin science. The bachelor’s degree is the highest qualification you can get in the sector of skin health before a dermatologist.

As a dermal clinician we are trained to perform in depth skin consultations to reach a conclusive diagnosis, differential diagnosis, create a treatment plan whilst eliminating risks to our patients. When a skin consultation begins in clinic, we have a thorough health history and current lifestyle factors are evaluated to help gain a better understanding of past and present factors that may have contributed to the patients presenting concerns. In this, medications and lifestyle are taken into consideration when developing a customised treatment plan. The next thing is to assess the skin by visually looking, feeling and with the use of tools like woods lamp assessment which looks at pigment, sun damage, oil disruption, p-acnes, build up of dead skin, inflammation and hydration. A dermatoscope may be used in a consultation to assist the clinician to look at lesions on the body and also assist with differentiating different skin presentations.

At the My Genesis Clinic we also use the MoreMe Gen II skin analysis machine which is another tool to help us analysis your skin whilst giving patients a visual aid via photos on an ipad. From here we also use algorithms to help us determine grades of severity of skin conditions to assist with treatment planning. Via the use of these tools there is a standardisation of an in-depth consultation found with dermal clinicians nationally.

Our findings throughout the consultation are then used to develop an individualised treatment plan for your skin. Once we are armed with an in-depth knowledge of your skin we can then apply evidence based protocols and practises to your treatment plan to obtain the best results. As dermal clinicians have undertaken a bachelor degree in dermal science, we are taught to constantly research and apply evidence based practises into our clinics whilst also minimalising risk to our patients ensuring maximised healing, limited downtime and great results.

If you are after an in-depth consultation to get to the bottom of your skin concerns, make sure you ask what you get through your consultation when you are booking appointments and ensure your skin and health history is being considered throughout treatments going forward.


Brooke Worthy

Dermal Clinician

BHSc (Dermal Sciences)

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