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29 Aug 2018 | CAPS Clinic

What is chirally correct skin care?

Have you heard of chirally correct skin care products and wondered what they are, and how they can help you achieve sustained improvement for skin conditions? Inflammation is at the core of all skin conditions, including acne, hypersensitive skin, rosacea and photo damage. But many people are using skin care products that cause further inflammation, without even realising.

Many ‘off the shelf’ products contain damaging chemicals which are actually increasing the inflammation in your skin. These chemicals include artificial colours and fragrances, artificial preservatives, sodium lauryl sulphate, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid… just to name a few. Reading ingredients lists on the back of products can be confusing and it can be hard to determine if the chemicals are helpful or harmful.

Convincing marketing campaigns may mean your bathroom shelves are stocked with items that are doing you more harm than good.

Have you ever noticed that the gorgeously branded product, that sounded exactly what you needed on all the ad’s, has actually caused you ongoing problems, such as rebound acne – where the epidermis goes into overdrive.  The ingredients are not only harsh but also not recognised by your body. The inflammation process is the body’s way of defending itself from ingredients it does not recognise.

Thankfully there is a way out of this harmful cycle – the answer is chirally correct skin care. These skin care products have been formulated to be used by our bodies more effectively as they contain only molecules that are recognised by the body.

Ingredients in chirally correct skin care have been purified to eradicate the harmful irritants in them, and keep the molecules of the ingredient that can produce a positive effect.

Not only does this drastically reduce the possibility of allergic or adverse reactions, the high concentration of the active ingredients used in medical grade products are designed to stimulate change in the skin and enhance the skins natural ability to repair itself.  This approach addresses the real cause of skin conditions such as free radical damage, the effects the environment has on the skin and the natural ageing process. It means less inflammation and improved overall skin health.

How can you incorporate chirally correct skincare into your regime? Book for your initial skin analysis consultation with one of our My Genesis Dermal Specialists, who perform an in depth assessment of your skin and develop a personalised treatment plan including a tailored skin care regime designed to meet your specific concerns, lifestyle and budget. This treatment plan includes the best chirally correct and active skin care products for you, to restore skin function, calm inflammation, re-balance and correct skin conditions.

Together we can achieve sustained improvement for people who have been previously battling issues from inflamed skin conditions.

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