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13 Jun 2019 | CAPS Clinic

Don’t run with lasers! – Questions you should ask before Laser Skin Treatments

Laser treatments are always a hot topic… and whilst safety messages might be obvious, it is worth discussing how you can avoid disaster and focus on the great results you can get using laser treatments. Before you go ahead with any laser procedure, ask these questions…

Is the person performing my procedure qualified? 

Ask if they have any qualifications, or what training they have undergone. If they are currently being trained or getting a qualification, ask who supervises and provides assistance to them. Here at My Genesis our Dermal Clinicians hold a Bachelors in Dermal Sciences and are highly qualified in the use of lasers and light equipment, and our Dermal Therapists are licensed and qualified practitioners trained in the use of laser equipment/advanced laser treatments. They know how to assess and manage risks associated with tissue interactions and advanced therapies to ensure treatments are effective and safe for consumers.

For your treatment program, you will know who you are booked in to see, or notified if there has to be a change of staff.

Is the treatment plan individualised to me? 

If you feel like you’re part of an assembly line, it’s time to get off that conveyor belt! Here at My Genesis, every client receives a consultation and skin analysis with one of our trained Dermal Specialists, to develop a personalized plan taking into consideration your skin type and other important factors before booking in laser treatments.

For laser hair removal, a patch test is performed to determine a safe and effective setting of the laser for your skin and hair type and to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

What equipment is being used?

Whilst being told the name of the equipment may mean nothing to you, how the clinic responds to your questions is important. Are they willing to explain what equipment they have, why they use it, how they researched before deciding to use that particular piece, and what medical standards it meets.

For laser hair removal, My Genesis Clinic uses LightSheer Duet, a highly effective laser that provides great results with fewer treatments require.

Learn more about Laser Hair Removal, Laser Genesis, K-Laser and Titan Laser treatments. Call us to book a consultation!

You can also learn about what to do, or not do, to make sure your treatment sessions don’t have to be postponed!

Laser Treatment Safety - My Genesis Clinic Canberra
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