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29 Aug 2018 | CAPS Clinic

Radical reversal

Have you ever wondered why metal rusts when exposed to air and sliced apple turns brown?  This process is called oxidation and can occur in all molecular structures including the skin. We are all familiar with the term ‘free radicals’ but what role does this play in relation to oxidation and what does this process have to do with the skin.

Oxidised cells are prone to free radical formation, which can injure the cells, damaging the DNA.  When a cell’s DNA changes it becomes mutated. It grows abnormally and reproduces abnormally. Abnormality in the skin leads to inflammatory skin conditions like pigmentation and vascular damage. It can all lead to the most concerning – speeding up the ageing process! So the question really is – how do we stop free radical damage occurring?

The answer is simple – Antioxidants.

Research has shown, although the body has a natural resource of antioxidants, this is not enough to combat the onslaught of free radical damage which occurs on a daily basis. We need a method of supplementing our antioxidants.  So where do we find them and how can we do this?

Antioxidants can be found naturally in a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, green tea and a well balanced diet, but sometimes even this is not enough.

At My Genesis Clinic in Canberra many of our topical serums and active skin care products contain concentrated Antioxidants but one of the easiest methods of replenishing your level of antioxidants is through a drink. Our Dermal Specialists recommend Core Beauty Juice. Core Beauty Juice is a powerful antioxidant that contains 24 different potent antioxidants from berry and juice extracts. One glass of this super juice contains the recommended daily dose of antioxidants required to keep your skin looking its best.

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