26 Sep 2018 | Post

Abdominoplasty with Dr Taylor – A Breakthrough Treatment

The abdominoplasty has always been a popular procedure, removing unsightly bumps and curves.  Yet now, thanks to a breakthrough clinical study and unique approach by

26 Sep 2018 | Post

Getting to the core of the problem

There are many reasons women come to me for a tummy tuck. Often they just don’t like the look and feel of their abdomen after pregnancy, or they’ve lost weight and are concerned by excess skin. Others are confused by bulges that have no apparent cause. It’s a bit of...

17 Sep 2018 | Post

New Hope for a Pain-free Post-Partum Life

The Functional Benefits of Abdominoplasty I have always enjoyed performing abdominoplasties, gradually developing my technique since 199...

16 Mar 2018 | Post

Study: Functional Improvement with Abdominoplasty

The Problem Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on the female body and can leave it somewhat worse for wear. Women often complain “nothing is where it used to be” but aesthetic issues can be overshadowed by functional problems after children. The incidence of ch...

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