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Our Standards

Sole’vita Surgery is very proud of its quality and safety record as a private hospital in Canberra established through years of commitment to patient service and care. Find out more about our standards and qualifications.

Choosing the Right Facility

Where you have your surgical procedure performed is very important. There is a great deal of confusion around some of the options presented to patients as part of their surgical care. Find out more about the difference between overnight and day stays, hospitals and private room stays and the dangers of overseas surgery.

Preparing for Surgery

We are committed to supporting you through your surgical journey – find out more about how you should prepare for your surgery, how long you should fast for, what to bring with you on the day, and more.

Recovering from Surgery

Recovery from surgery can be difficult. At Sole Vita, we are committed to providing the highest possible standard of patient care and service. Find out more about what your recovery will involve here.

Going Home after Surgery

Going home after surgery and the first 24 hours after surgery can be a difficult time. Find out more about how you should arrange to be picked up, the actions you can and cannot perform, and the warning signs following complications in surgery here.

Day Surgery Procedures

Sole Vita Private Hospital offers Day Surgery for minor surgical procedures, such as skin grafts and flaps to close wounds or remove lesions.

My Health Rights

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare has developed the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights for all people receiving, seeking or delivering health care in all settings in Australia.

About Us

Sole’ vita Surgery is part of The CAPS Clinic (Canberra ACT) – a licensed and accredited medical hospital providing state-of-the-art surgical facilities and healthcare.

Sole’ vita has been designed to meet The CAPS Clinic’s mission statement of ‘Surgery, Service and Support’. All of the Sole’ vita team are fully qualified and registered medical personnel who are committed to providing you with the highest possible standard of patient care in our private hospital.

Traditionally, the function of a hospital overrides the patient experience. However, Sole’ vita breaks the mould on conventional hospitals.  Accredited under NSQHS, the design of patient areas ensures maximum comfort and support for both patients and their families.  Our recovery areas and overnight rooms feature flexible privacy glass-paneling and personal ensuite.  With no more than 5 patients staying at once, our patient-to-nursing-care ratio is the best in the Australia.

Coupled with state-of-the-art surgical theatres, sterilisation services, patient safety and various clinical aspects of any surgery, Sole’ vita presents a new standard in medical facilities and long-stay private hospitals.

All this means you can relax knowing your surgery will be performed in a professional and very caring environment.  The unique and innovative design of our facility allows us to monitor your recovery whilst ensuring your privacy.  In addition, the Sole’ vita team is committed to the highest possible standard of patient care and service.

We are located at 7 Phipps Close Deakin ACT.  Phone us on (02) 6282 1153.

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