Recovering from Surgery

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Recovering from surgery can be difficult, and this is why at Sole’ Vita, we prefer our patients to stay overnight after their surgery. Our comfortable recovery areas and overnight rooms feature flexible privacy glass-paneling and personal ensuite, and with no more than 5 patients staying at once, our patient-to-nursing-care ratio is very high.

The unique and innovative design of our facility allows us to monitor your recovery whilst ensuring your privacy.  In addition, the Sole’ vita team is committed to the highest possible standard of patient care and service.

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Your Room

Sole’ vita provides private rooms with ensuite facilities. During your stay you will have access to your own television. You are welcome to bring your own mobile phone and other devices and may connect to the CAPS wifi network.

What if I Can't Sleep?

You will be able to relax in the patient lounge where you can choose from a wide selection of DVDs or books to read. Alternatively these facilities are available in your room.

What Food Is Available?

Sole’ vita offer the fabulous food prepared by Gourmet Dinner Service to provide light meals to our patients recovering from surgery. With wonderful dishes like Dijon Chicken, Salmon with Pesto Crust, Pies, Pastas and salads and steamed veggies, there is huge selection to choose from and all the food is prepared by staff who have qualified in Food Safety and Handling courses.   A continental breakfast will also be provided prior to your departure.

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