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26 Sep 2018 | CAPS Clinic

Upper Blepharoplasty explained

‘I’m tired of people telling me I look tired!’ This is a statement I hear from my patients all the time.

In younger patients this is generally a hereditary issue, but also ageing causes the eyelids to become heavy and start to droop giving the perception you are tired all the time. The skin around your eyes may stretch and the muscles weaken, which makes the eyes look tired and lessens the overall attractiveness of the eye.

Upper Blepharoplasty combined with Browlift surgery can lift the heaviness from the face, opening the eyes giving a more positive and optimistic appearance.

What are the benefi­ts of eyelid surgery?

There are many reasons, both functional and aesthetic why people require facial surgery to remove the ‘tired’ look. Your eyes are the focal point of your face and majorly contribute to your overall facial appearance.

Both an Upper Blepharoplasty and Browlift will dramatically enhance the eye area, particularly when performed together. Eyelid surgery will remove those winkles from around your eyes and eliminate the excess layers of skin above the eyelids to give you a refreshed look.

Is the procedure covered by Medicare?

If your eyelids are resting on your eyelashes or if the excess skin above the eye is falling low enough to obstruct your vision, a Medicare and therefore a Health Fund rebate is usually granted for an Upper Blepharoplasty.

Browlift surgery is considered aesthetic and therefore does not attract a Medicare or Health Fund rebate.

What is involved?

An Upper Blepharoplasty is performed by simply removing the sagging eyelid skin, giving the eye more exposure and taking away that ‘drooping look’. However, in many cases, this procedure does not provide a long term solution as the heaviness is a result of general ageing across the forehead.

This results in the decent of the eyebrows onto the eyelid which can sometimes obscure the upper lids either partially or fully.

A Browlift gently pulls the brow up to its natural youthful position. This repositioning of the eyebrows restores balance to the face, improves lateral crow’s feet lines and produces a more attractive upper eyelid contour.

Will I need to stay overnight in hospital?

Browlifts are performed under a general anaesthetic and patients remain overnight in Sole’vita Surgery, our private hospital here in Canberra, where our nursing team can monitor them in recovery and provide the appropriate medical support.

No matter what type of surgery you end up undertaking the recovery from facial surgery is the same, as the main issue is bruising and swelling.

If you are considering facial surgery or are feeling you have that permanent ‘tired’ look, but do not want the cost and down time involved with a facelift, arrange a non-committal consultation with a FRACS surgeon to discuss the optimal treatment solutions.

Your surgeon is there to guide and advise of all aspects of the surgery to enable you to make an informed choice.

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