Project Description

Dr Arne Schimmelfeder is the Director of Anaesthetics at Sole’vita Surgery, our private hospital here at The CAPS Clinic. Dr Schimmelfeder studied medicine at the University of Sydney and undertook seven years of specialty training in anaesthesia in Sydney, Canberra and finally Germany.  All of Dr Taylor’s plastic surgery procedures undertaken are performed under the full care of a Specialist Anaesthetist such as Dr Schimmelfeder.

After a long professional association, Dr Schimmelfeder joined Dr Taylor’s surgical team in 1998.  He has an established practice in Canberra providing anaesthesia for all fields of surgery at Canberra’s hospitals.  The anaesthetist is an integral part of the surgical service being provided by Dr Taylor and shares his commitment to provide professional and supportive care to the patient.

Surgical Responsibility

Prior to surgery Dr Schimmelfeder will ensure that the patient is fully informed about the procedure, the form of anaesthesia, and the risks and will discuss the management and prevention of post-operative pain and nausea. Dr Schimmelfeder is present throughout the surgical procedure to monitor the patient, and the patient will remain in his care to ensure that recovery is as smooth as possible including ensuring that appropriate pain relief is available post-operatively.

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