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Beating The Bulge

The very nature of the abdominoplasty surgery allows a more exposed repair which is stronger and more reliable than the traditional methods. Operative exposure of the abdominal wall during an abdominoplasty allows easy reduction of the hernia and the extending of the muscle repair from the chest to the pubis, removes the weak midline problem. With the tension shared equally down the abdomen in a muscle repair, no plastic mesh is required. Hernias can also protrude from the umbilicus (an “outy” belly button). This will […]

Getting to the Core of the Problem

There are many reasons women come to me for a tummy tuck. Often they just don’t like the look and feel of their abdomen after pregnancy, or they’ve lost weight and are concerned by excess skin. Others are confused by bulges that have no apparent cause.

It’s a bit of a lottery how abdomens fare after pregnancy. Some women have stretchmarks while others can get through the process without a single one. There are also women for whom pregnancy can result in hernias. For whatever reason […]

Imagine Life Without Backpain

Not just a pretty tummy. The abdominoplasty has always been a popular procedure, removing unsightly bumps and curves.  Yet now, thanks to a breakthrough clinical study and unique approach by Dr Alastair Taylor of The CAPS Clinic, a wider range of life-changing results is being realised.

“Patients often come to me requesting the removal of a bulging stomach with liposuction.” says Dr Taylor. “In some cases this is possible but in most, specifically following child birth or weight loss this is bad idea. Liposuction can only remove […]