Do you have unsightly stomach buldge that just won’t budge?  Many women, especially following pregnancy, struggle to remove the excess around their tummy region.  Dr Taylor has recently completed a a breakthrough clinical study into the wider benefits of an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and has now published his 5 Star Difference outlining his unique approach that leads to life-changing results.  You too can experience the difference.

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Experience The 5 Star Difference

  • Removal of all skin and tissue from the belly button to the pubis with a high cut scar, which can still be hidden by underwear.
    If you put your thumb in your belly button and your fingers above your pubis, everything you hold is removed making the abdomen look shorter and the legs look longer!
  • Repairs the torn muscle from the chest to the pubis and any hernias repaired
    Dr Taylor’s research has proven this form of muscle repair improves back pain, pelvic floor function and restores core strength!!  Any hernias can also be repaired at the same time.
  • Pulling the tissue ‘down and in’ from the chest creates an improved waistline
    This unique method provides a significant improvement to the waist – restoring the “hourglass” shape to a women’s’ body with a better contoured belly button.
  • Pulling the tissue ‘up and in’ from the legs creates a tensioning of the loose skin on the thighs
    This unique tensioning gives the patient an added benefit of smoothing and tightening the skin on the upper legs.
  • Significant liposuction improves the flanks (love handles)
    By the inclusion of liposuction to this “down and in” technique Dr Taylor thins out the abdominal fat creating a ‘washboard’ shape and further improving the waist!