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26 Sep 2018 | CAPS Clinic

Are you ready to try injectables? Book with the experts!

First date. School reunion. Job interview. Birthday party. Holiday. Conference. You want to put your best face forward whatever the occasion!

Are you ready to try injectables? They have become very popular as an aesthetic enhancement, but you may be wondering what they are. Here at the My Genesis Clinic in Canberra we offer the following types of injectables:

Anti-wrinkle Injectables

Muscle relaxant injections are used to erase wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, forehead and frown lines. This procedure can be used before wrinkles deepen and become permanent. With consistent, regular treatments the muscles will learn to relax for longer.

Filler Injectables

A natural injectable gel which adds volume to your lips, or to smooth out facial wrinkles and folds. The dermal filler we use has a very good safety profile with very minimal short term side effects. It is a very smooth product to inject and results are very natural.

Did you know?

Despite the names of these medications appearing in beauty magazines, hashtags on Instagram and spoken openly by your friends, we cannot advertise these medications by name. There are strict rules and regulations in place for health care providers and medical personnel, because they are serious medications with potential side effects. Did you know:

  • These are prescription only medicines, classed as a Schedule 4 medication.
  • New clients must consult with Dr Taylor and receive a script for use at My Genesis Clinic. The script lasts 12 months. (Even if you have a script with another doctor, you will still need to see Dr Taylor for an initial consultation if are a new client to injectables at My Genesis).
  • Your consultation should explain the risks and potential side effects with you, and discuss how much you will need, and where, with the aesthetic injector who will perform the injections.
  • The person who injects you needs to be a qualified doctor or aesthetic injector nurse.
  • There are risks and side effects associated with any medical procedure. Cosmetic injectables may not be suitable for some clients, which will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Book with the Experts

With the skilled professionals present to define what is realistically achievable and required to meet your expectations you can feel confident, and excited, moving forward with your decision. At My Genesis Clinic in Canberra our Aesthetic Injector nurses work with Dr Taylor to develop an injecting pattern unique to your needs.  Our goal is to keep you looking like you, with a naturally fresher more youthful look. You will receive

  • An in person initial consult (with Dr Taylor, our Plastic Surgeon) – you see our expert doctor in person, not just from across a screen!
  • Qualified Aesthetic Injectors with years of experience, who receive ongoing professional development
  • We stock the best anti-wrinkle product available – requiring fewer units than other brands
  • Natural results (we don’t over inject just to make money!)
  • Performed in a clinical healthcare setting – your safety is our priority!

Learn more about injectables at the My Genesis Clinic and read What you always wanted to ask about Injectables. Your wrinkles will disappear, your face will be refreshed… people will be impressed without even knowing why!

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