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05 Jun 2020 | CAPS Clinic

Getting to know more about Christie – Dermal Clinician

Christie joined the CAPS Clinic as a Dermal Clinician in our My Genesis Clinic earlier this year. We got to know Christie and her top three skincare tips here. We have welcomed her into the team, she has embraced the CAPS Clinic way and is excited to deliver the 5 star difference to her clients that CAPS is known for. Let’s catch up with Christie and get to know her a bit more.

What treatments are you now providing to your CAPS clients?

What are the most challenging skin concerns to treat?

  • Rosacea can be a challenge and difficult to manage in some cases, but it takes commitment from both myself and the client to manage.
  • Acne can also be quite challenging as there are many contributing factors to consider and manage therefore results can take some time to achieve.

What skin concerns are the most satisfying to treat?

  • Acne can be the most satisfying once the client can see and feel those changes and just seeing how their confidence shines.
  • Moles and Pigmented lesion removal treatments are very satisfying as you can get an immediate result where the spot has been removed and in time will appear as though there was no lesion there in the first place

How are you settling into Canberra? What is different/ better than Melbourne?!

  • I am settling in really well I was finally getting out to explore the city a lot more by going to explore a new area each week but of course, that has been hindered lately. I had been mainly exploring the local parks and areas near me as well as pubs and foodie scenes which has been great. I even discovered a Canadian themed pub in Kingston!
  • The one main thing that I have found to be quite different to Melbourne is the lifestyle. Its similar in the sense that it seems to have its very own style of café and foodie culture which is excellent but it’s a much slower pace here than Melbourne, which is very nice. I don’t think I realized how rushed I always felt living in Melbourne, I was always in a hurry to do something or go somewhere but I don’t feel that here at all.
  • The one big thing that I think Canberra does better… the farmers markets. Although the markets in Melbourne are great…I just enjoy supporting more local producers and just getting to actually meet them and see them week to week. Reminds me of growing up back home in the country where we supported our neighbours and they supported us. Food was of greater quality and having that trusted community support. I can’t wait to be able to get out to the Farmers markets again.

Christie - CAPS Clinic Canberra

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