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27 May 2020 | CAPS Clinic

Brooke’s Dermal Sciences Degree – Part 6

Brooke, our Dermal Clinician who is currently studying her Bachelor of Dermal Sciences degree at Victoria University in Melbourne, has an update for us.

What was the most recent subject about?

Dermal Science 3. This unit concentrated on dermatological conditions. I learnt about skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, benign and pre-malignant skin lesions and skin cancers. We covered microbiology, identification of certain skin conditions, biochemistry and treatment of infectious skin diseases.

What did you enjoy learning the most in that subject?

I loved this subject and my passion is the skin. I enjoyed all aspects of this subject.

What was the hardest thing about this last subject/ studying?

The hardest part about studying the last subject is trying to juggle everything with homeschooling the kiddies.

How will it help you in your dermal clinician work?

This subject will help me as a dermal clinician as the conditions we studied are conditions that we see daily in the clinic environment. Knowing how to treat these conditions and refer patients when it is out of our scope of practice is very important.

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Brooke and Sally - Dermal Clinicians Canberra

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