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19 Aug 2020 | Becpollock

Brooke’s Dermal Sciences Degree – Part 8

Brooke, our Dermal Clinician who is currently studying her Bachelor of Dermal Sciences degree at Victoria University in Melbourne, has an update for us. Read all about her adventures here.

What was the most recent subject about?

The last unit explored the scientific principles, evidence and best practice management of skin health, skin repair and regeneration. This subject was looking at wound healing, in particular; lymphatic, vascular and neuropathic conditions that can contribute to wound breakdown and prolonged healing eventuating in chronic wounds. We developed an understanding of what can be done to help with these in a clinical setting, working alongside other professionals to assist in the treatment of such wounds. Research shows a multidisciplinary approach is ‘best practice’ and delivers the best outcome for patients.

What did you enjoy learning the most in that subject?
I found wound healing and how other comorbidities (chronic long-term conditions) can affect the bodies wound healing response to be extremely interesting

What was the hardest thing about this subject?
The hardest part of the subject was scientifically analysing journal articles to understand and critique the evidence that is being presented.

What did you learn?
I learnt a lot in regards to wounds, what can be done to re-stimulate a wound, treatments that have evidence backing them for the treatment of wound closure and also understanding wounds in skin and how they should progress and how to determine when something is not going to plan.

How will it help you in your dermal clinician work?
As a Dermal Clinician, we work inter-professionally quite regularly. We will commonly treat patients that have had surgery and an understanding of the regular wound healing process is very important. In a clinical environment, Dermal Clinicians will create a controlled injury in the skin to bring about renewal and rejuvenation. These techniques are created to achieve the best results regarding wound healing and scar formation in patients that are wanting improvement in their skin or those that need some help with their recovery post-surgery.

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