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09 Jun 2019 | CAPS Clinic

Brooke’s Dermal Sciences Degree – Part 2

Our amazing trainee Dermal Clinician, Brooke, has an update for us on how she is going with her Bachelor of Dermal Sciences degree at @victoriauniversity She says, “6 months down, 2.5 years to go!! 😊”⠀

What was the most recent subject about?⠀

My last subject was OH&S and aseptic technique. This covered risk assessment, standard operating procedures, chemical hazards, ergonomics, human factors, infection control, microbiology (study of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, archaea, fungi and protozoa) and controlling hazards in a dermal therapies setting.⠀

What did you enjoy learning the most in that subject?⠀

My favourite part was learning how to set up a sterile field which is required to be performed as a dermal clinician in clinical procedures. I was lucky enough to watch a sterile field being set up in clinic thanks to Dr Jenkins who is our skin cancer specialist in the 360UV skin cancer clinic and our amazing nurse Tracy when they were removing skin cancers in the clinical setting. I also enjoyed learning about microbiology.⠀

How will it help you in your dermal clinician work?⠀

OH&S as a dermal clinician is very important. It is our responsibility to perform safe and efficient treatments, reducing risks and the spread of microorganisms in clinic, protecting our patients and ourselves as clinicians. In this subject we delved into viruses, bacteria’s and fungi’s and how they spread and can be killed. ⠀

I found this extremely interesting and is very relevant to our work in the health care setting. We completed our hand hygiene certificates in this subject as well learning how to prevent the spread of microorganisms. ⠀

We looked at personal protective equipment (PPE) and its importance in the clinical environment. ⠀

We had to video ourselves setting up a sterile field as part of our assessment to show that we knew how to do this.⠀

PPE with Brooke - My Genesis Clinic Canberra
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