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18 Jul 2019 | Becpollock

Breast Implant Information Night

What are the facts? Dr Taylor addresses concerns raised in the media

As you may be aware, the concerns over breast implants and the possibility of developing BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant Associated ALC Lymphoma) has been featured in the media again. We understand that the information may be overwhelming or alarming. You might be wondering what type of implants you have, whether you should remove your implants ‘just in case’ and what the process is should an issue arise.

The CAPS Clinic team want to reassure those who may be concerned about their breast implants, as well as educate you on best practices when it comes to ongoing care of your breast implants. We want to provide you with accurate and clear information, in a safe and honest setting.

Dr Taylor and Cheryl Taylor provide information on

  • Breast Implant Associated ALCL
  • Breast Implant Illness
  • General care of your breast implants
  • Your rights and options regarding Medicare and Private Health Funds

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You can also read Dr Taylor’s Statement on Breast Implant Associated ALCL

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