There are many options for skincare available today.  Unfortunately, some of them don’t deliver the results they promise.  The CAPS Clinic and My Genesis team of Dermal Clinicians are committed to providing the very best in skincare treatments.

So what makes us different?  It’s a five-star difference that enables us to give you the result you’re after.

  • Qualified Clinicians
    Unlike Beauty Therapists or Nurses our Dermal Clinicians are University qualified in the science of Dermal Therapies, skin conditions as well as laser and light treatments.
  • We do not believe in “one size fits all”
    This is why we insist on a thorough skin analysis consultation before any treatment plan is recommended.
  • We can provide our clients with a full range of treatment options
    These range from chemical peels to laser and pulsed light therapy – in short we offer the perfect modality and sequence to treat specific skin concerns.
  • The type of ingredients in your skin care can make the difference
    This is the difference between a ‘nice feeling’ skin care program and an effective one – At CAPS we work with a range of different active skin care ranges to ensure we can provide our clients with the best option to treat their concerns.
  • Complimentary skin reviews
    We believe skin is dynamic and will respond to the skin care and treatments we recommend, for this reason we encourage our clients to come in regularly to discuss their skin and review their treatment program.