Makeup and cosmetics have been an integral part of a woman’s life for thousands of years, from the first cosmetics that the ancient Egyptians used to the scientifically advanced products of today. As we age, we imagine how wonderful it would be to turn back the clock and see that;

  • young, fresh face we took for granted in our teens
  • gloried in our twenties
  • were too busy to appreciate in our thirties, and
  • sadly, watched begin to fall in our forties, believing in our fifties it was too late to fix

Just because we are getting older doesn’t mean we need to look it!

Today rather than just covering up the imperfections within our skin we can get to the root of the problem and address overall skin health, structure and integrity. The evolution of technology and demand for perfection has driven this industry to invest in the research required to offer effective treatments with lasting results with the added benefit of little to no down time.

The key is to have your skin specifically assessed, skin conditions diagnosed and treated appropriately! At CAPS we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we work to ensure we not only address the problem but deliver the treatment in a non-abrasive or invasive which will nurture and protect the skin whilst improving its function, condition and overall appearance.

Our Genesis rose represents all we understand in the non-surgical rejuvenation process, with the bud of the rose representing a medical grade skin care program and the petals representing the other treatments such as chemical peels, laser, light therapies or injectables all layered and working together to ensure your skin will blossom!

In April we are celebrating our skin and want to provide our clients with a special offer to share their experience with the ones they love. Any treatment provided in the My Genesis clinic in the month of April will receive a gift voucher to give to your Mum (as special gift for Mother’s Day) or a special friend for a free microdermabrasion.

Let’s celebrate getting older and love the skin you’re in!