In Australia we have the world’s highest incidence of skin cancer. The good news is the majority of skin cancer is treatable. Yet, many people are reluctant to have their skin checked due to long delays between recognition of a skin cancer, obtaining a referral, and specialist diagnosis and treatment.

360uv Skin Cancer Clinic was established to revolutionise this slow process. We now have many strategies for prevention, early detection, and effective management of all forms of skin cancer. At 360uv we are focused upon integrating and providing you with easy access to these strategies and interventions. And you don’t even need a referral.

The Process

Our process begins with screening and detection, helping us give you an accurate diagnosis and then implement a strategy tailored to your individual need. Led by Dr Alastair Taylor (MBBS, FRACS), our team of specialised GP’s are highly trained to identify any skin cancer problems. This screening process may simply provide peace of mind that all is well, or, when risks appear, assist with early intervention, support and comprehensive follow up.

The Risks

Skin cancers fall into two broad groups – melanomas and NMSC. Melanoma is rightly the most feared, but NMSC is far more common and causes much more morbidity and cost than is generally recognised. Much of this cost and morbidity results from delayed detection and treatment. Late diagnosis makes treatment more difficult and the results can be compromised.

The Treatment

360uv Skin Cancer Clinic offers a holistic suite of options in the treatment of skin cancer. Many early cancers and pre-cancers can be detected and dealt with simply by cryotherapy, topical creams or local excision. More serious problems can be dealt with promptly by hospital admission and surgery. As part of The CAPS Clinic new medical facility in Deakin, 360uv has access to industry-leading technology and medical facilities that can be utilised in the treatment process.

Call 360uv Skin Cancer Clinic to book your skin-check. Ph 6282 1123.