At The CAPS Clinic we regularly see patients looking to achieve clear and healthy skin. Many of them are surprised to learn that choosing the right makeup is an important step in achieving their skincare goals.

What is mineral makeup?
Mineral makeup is the use of naturally occurring minerals such as iron oxide, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that have been micronized, or ground and milled, into tiny particles to create makeup.

How is it different from traditional makeup?
The major difference between mineral makeup and traditional is the absence of potentially irritating or pore clogging ingredients such as talc, dyes, alcohol, and harsh chemicals. At The CAPS Clinic we have chosen to use the Colorescience® mineral makeup range. Colorescience® is a medical grade mineral makeup formulated with high integrity minerals and other ‘good for you’ ingredients making it the perfect product for those with allergies, sensitivities and problem skin. The Dermal Clinicians at the clinic apply Colorescience® after surgery or immediately following any skin or laser treatment as it doesn’t affect patients wound healing or compromise results.

Is mineral makeup suitable for mature skin?
Because of its light-reflective properties, Colorescience® obscures the look of fine lines and wrinkles and gives a healthy glow to the skin, making it look younger. On a mature skin, after applying the minerals, it is helpful to spritz with our Hydrating mist to help set the makeup, soften lines and give a dewy look.

What about sunscreen?
Most of the products within the Colorescience® range include SPF50. This light-weight breath-able range protects from damaging UVA & UVB rays but also keeps your skin clean and clear of breakouts.

Aren’t powders drying?
No, quite the reverse. When minerals have been sourced and processed properly they are completely water resistant, creating a protective barrier on the surface of the skin which help to lock in moisture. The misconception that powders are drying comes from mineral formulas that contain talc. Colorescience® is the perfect product to provide light to full coverage whilst still maintaining a natural look.

Are all minerals created equal?
Unfortunately, not all mineral makeup brands are created equal. Just because you are using a mineral makeup product does not mean it is free from harmful perfumes, talc, mineral oils and drying alcohols. Below is a test using water that shows the Colorescience® difference. High quality minerals will float on the top of the water and not mix in, unlike low-grade minerals that combine with the water. This simple water test represents the effect different quality minerals will have on the health of your skin.

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