I truly believe the most important thing when dealing with the eye area is prevention is better than cure! The eye area is so delicate and fragile that you must look after the area from a young age. They say they are the window to our soul… I’m not sure I can give any solid scientific evidence on that one but they are a hugely important part of our face and appearance. They are also one of the most delicate parts of the face to treat as the skin is finer, creases more easily and has less ‘bulk’ and dermal tissue so at times there isn’t a lot to work with.

Hooded eyes or sagging upper lids…

This is such a common concern, I am asked about the upper lids so frequently by my patients. Lack of sleep, environmental factors and lifestyle can certainly play a role with this area, BUT I find GENETICS seem to play an even larger role! Intrinsic ageing i.e.; how we are genetically programmed to age is usually responsible for what we see happening around the eyes. So, have a look at your Mum and Dad to see what may be in store for you.

How to help –

  • Minor skin laxity or sagging can be improved with our non-invasive skin firming treatment, Titan. The treatment works to tighten collagen bundles – which tend to loosen as we age. This infra-red laser heats water in the dermis to bring about change within the skin. 3-5 treatments, 4 weeks apart are required and there is no downtime.
  • Eyelid corrector strips, Lids by Design, are essentially eyelid stickers!! A dermatologically tested, medical grade, latex free sticky strip that creates a more defined fold in your upper lid which results in a more open eye! These can be used daily or saved for special occasions. Our Senior Dermal Clinician Carly is a super star when it comes to sizing so pop in and see her! https://contoursrx.com/
  • Injectable muscle relaxants can be used to give a subtle elevation to the brown. According to Senior Cosmetic Injector Kathleen Kobak the result “…is a more rejuvenated eye area…” Kathleen takes pride in providing a personalised treatment program for her patients which often includes injections around the eyes.
  • Hooded skin that may be impairing vision – this is a situation where we would refer you to see our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Taylor. In some cases, he will remove a small amount of skin under local anaesthetic from the upper lid http://www.capsclinic.com.au/caps/content/eye-surgery/?portfolioID=129 ) to open the eye and ‘let some light in’. In other cases, he may suggest a brow lift as this lifts the brow height and addresses upper facial laxity http://www.capsclinic.com.au/caps/content/browlift/?portfolioID=129 .

Dark circles and puffiness under eyes…

Dark circles are a tricky one to combat. Reasons for dark circles can again be genetic, caused by lack of sleep, or liver and kidney function has also been linked to dark circles.

How to help –

  • Sleep – this is the gold standard of eye rejuvenation! And for some of us it seems we never get enough of the growth hormone releasing stuff! For best repair you must get a chunk of sleep in before midnight!
  • Alkalizing greens help your body to eliminate toxins more effectively. Also eating a diet rich in fresh vegetable, good protein sources, healthy fats and some fruit will help your body to function at its best! I recommend Miss Vitality Elevate as nutritional support.
  • Drink water! It seems to be the ‘answer’ for everything. Upping your water intake helps to flush out toxins and keeps your body functioning at its most effective.
  • Eye creams & Skin care; These types of products are great for hydration and health of the skin around the eye. There may be some immediate firming effect from certain ingredients but ideally you want to preserve your laxity by using a gentle combination of anti-inflammatories, niacinamide, vitamin A and peptides. An eye product with reflective properties can help to diffuse the appearance of dark circles too! I am loving ‘Refresh’ from Osmosis to address dark circles right now!
  • Concealer and Make up; Can be used to cover up dark circles.

Fines lines…


These pesky little things can be visible pretty much from our teenage years!  And if we don’t look after our skin from an early age their numbers can grow! Preventing these guys from multiplying doesn’t actually take that much effort!!

How to help –

  • Skin care – firstly, wear an SPF daily. UV breaks down collagen so if you care about ageing you must protect your skin against it!! Then invest in a hydrating eye product that works to bring nutrients to the eye area. I’m loving ‘Ultimate Eye Lift’ from Societe right now! Its a dual system to firm and brighten the eyes!
  • Laser and Light therapy – Laser Genesis; A beautifully gentle treatment that heats the skin to encourage collagen production. Regeneration of collagen and stimulation of blood supply help with fine lines, hydration and can also firm the skin.
  • Injectables – muscle relaxants will generally stop any lines that are there with expression or movement. These ‘dynamic’ lines can eventually become static, by stopping the dynamic lines we are slowing down the ageing process around the eyes.
  • Water intake – make sure this is on point so your eye area stays looking plump and hydrated
  • Sleep; Does this need an explanation??? We all know how good this stuff is for you!


I realise there are a lot of exclamation marks throughout this article… no apologies. I get really excited about seeing change around the eye area – and why wouldn’t I?!

Sal xxx

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