So why is skin care, or more importantly skin CONDITION so important for longevity of your injectables? Dermal fillers are made up of a naturally occurring protein called hyaluronic acid. This is the product used to give back volume and structure to facial features. And I’ll let you in on a little secret… the product is ‘hydrophilic’! Which means it loves water!! So the more hydration we can pump into the skin topically the better the product will perform!

Smoothing out the texture of your skin is important too. The less little bumps and ridges the better your skin is going to look – the most effective way to achieve this at home is by using gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) & enzymes. Dissolving the water proof bonds that hold your dead skin cells in place is a sure fire way to achieve smoooothing!

Now, lets talk about the best way to enhance hydration at a topical level. What is the key to achieving the plumpest of plump skin – how can we smooth those lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead?? We use a ‘no-needle’ application of hyaluronic acid (HA) topically to fill the gaps and smooth that texture! So we inject HA dermally to give structure/replace lost scaffolding and then we apply it topically to almost sandwich the skin in a giant HA casing so it has no choice but to absorb all of the moisture and diminish those pesky fine expression lines.

We’ve spent time learning how we can get longevity out of our dermal filler, but what about the more commonly used muscle relaxants? How can we ensure our areas of high movement and expression stay as youthful as possible for as long as possible? Well, it’s a similar approach. We highly recommend incorporating a version of retinol into your regular home care regime. Retinol can engage your own fibroblasts – we LOVE these guys as they are the engine room for collagen and elastin! By achieving a degree of thickening in the surface layers of skin. THEN we add the topical HA! This combo results in 1) cell renewal (brand new fresh juicy cells coming up to the skins surface), and 2) a plump, resilient epidermis that has a spectacular glow about it!

Lets hear from Kathleen what she loves most about the ‘Skin Better Science Skin Care’ products and how they work with your injectables…

“I love the ‘plumping’ that this range can achieve, particularly around the eye are. Underneath the eye is notoriously tricky to inject. As a blanket rule we tend not to do it because the risk outweighs the benefit as results are unreliable. I feel more than confident recommending the eye duo ($132) to smooth out this common area of concern. And I honestly feel that this makes a beautiful addition to your home care regime. The other area this product is amazing for is the nasolabial folds – the line that joins the edge of your mouth to the edge of your nose – we do put filler in here but the hyaluronic acid topically really enhances the results!”

The best part about all of what we are telling you today is that most results via topical application can be achieved with only 3-4 products! And with a starting price tag of $125 for a trial kit this is something you just have to try!

Sal xxx

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