Whilst it may seem like everyone is doing it, making the decision to inject a liquid or gel in to your face for rejuvenation isn’t something you should undertake lightly.  Facial injectables requires trust, trust in the facility, the injector and the products they are using.

Did you know the product injected as a muscle relaxant is a Class 4 Drug and like all drugs requires a prescription to obtain! Therefore, you must be assessed by a Doctor prior to having a muscle relaxant injected into your face or body. Muscle relaxants contain the active ingredient botulinum toxin type A and are used to treat areas of high movement over the face and areas that engage strong muscle usage.

Whilst it is not against the rules to have a skype consultation with a prescribing Doctor, we fail to see how someone who is not physically in the room with you, who cannot see, touch and feel your face, can give you a proper evaluation of what will best suit your needs?  So, if you are taking the time out of your busy schedule to invest in a consultation, we believe you deserve to see both Dr Taylor (in the flesh) and our one of our experienced Injecting Nurses.  In a nut shell we believe that a ‘face-to-face’ consultation is far more effective than a ‘face-to-screen’ consultation.

This initial consultation appointment is important. It provides an opportunity for you, Dr Taylor and the Injecting nurse to discuss what is important to you. With the skilled professionals present to define what is realistically achievable and required to meet your expectations you can feel confident (and excited!) moving forward with your decision.

As a clinic we place so much importance and value on the investment of time and money involved when building trust with a highly skilled medical professional. This relationship is likely to be a long and productive – cause let’s face it (pardon the pun) this injectable stuff is addictive! And the thing I love most – if you find a well-educated injector, no-one needs to know you’ve had anything done! I love when the comments about how ‘refreshed’ or ‘relaxed’ our patients look start rolling in!

At CAPS our injecting nurses work with Dr Taylor to develop an injecting pattern unique to your needs.  Our goal is to keep you looking like you with a naturally fresher more youthful look.

Sal xxx

To start your journey, or learn  more call the clinic on 6282 1177 or email info@capsclinic.com.au.