Treatments for men

For a long time, society thought that the aesthetic industry was purely for women. Things have changed. Guys are no longer sitting on the sideline wondering what goes on behind those closed doors – men are taking more pride in their appearance which is leading to them having more in-clinic treatments.

Its 2018, and if you glance at pretty much any male movie star, TV personality, sports person or men’s health magazine cover guy, he will have had a slight bit of ‘help’ with making sure his appearance is the best it can be. This may be a simple skin care regime, monthly in clinic laser or light treatments or something a little more adventurous by way of injectables – think muscle relaxants or filler. For me, even if extremely simple, I put skin care into the realm of overall health and wellness and believe it should form part of your daily regime.

Where to start

With anything new, it is important to become educated. Know your options, know what you’d like to achieve and find someone to help you discuss those goals. An initial consultation, regarding skin health, with a Dermal Clinician at The CAPS Clinic takes around an hour. You’ll talk through your concerns and walk away with a written, tailored plan specific to you. I can’t stress enough that we will LISTEN! We’ll talk to you about how much of a priority making changes to your skin is and where that fits into your life – no matter how large or small you decide those changes need to be.

I feel like it’s too late

No way!!! Saying this is like saying it is too late to eat well, exercise or try something new. My oldest male patient is 84 years old. He comes in every few months to have the capillaries on his nose, cheeks and chin treated. And he does it purely for vanity, god bless him! I say to my patients all the time – it is never too late to start looking after your skin!! And if they’re sitting in front of me, they are ready to start making changes.

I’ve got a beard, does that change what my skin needs?

When you shave your face, you are essentially exfoliating the skin as you run the razor over. So, when the shaving stops your need for another exfoliation method increases. This can be achieved with a good quality scrub, enzyme based exfoliant or an in-clinic treatment. A quality Zinc based SPF is vital too! Your beard acts a bit of protection to the skin so you need to really make sure you’re covering the skin that is exposed! Looking after the hair on your face is as important as the skin underneath, especially if you prefer a smooth, silky beard rather than a wild, wiry nest! I’m no pro in beard care but a reliable source tells me it’s all about the beard oil! The oil not only helps the hair to feel serene, your skin will also reap the benefits of that hydration goodness! Key ingredients to look for are coconut, almond, macadamia and emu oil. Try to avoid anything that has any of these nasties;


Propylene Glycol

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)

Petroleum derivatives

Mineral oil

DEA (Diethanalomine)

Artificial Fragrances


Popular options that deliver fast (and discreet) results;

* At home skin care routine – a cleanser, single corrective serum and moisturising sun protection can be all it takes to make some great change to your overall skin health
* Lactic Acid peels – a gentle exfoliating and hydrating treatment that quickly improves the look and feel of your skin
* Microdermabrasion – an exfoliating treatment that removes the most surface layer of skin cells, combining exfoliation with vacuum suction means you have a swift outcome that lasts around 2-4 weeks
*Laser Genesis – A very gentle laser treatment that slowly heats the deeper layers of your skin that boosts collagen production. This results in smooth, more even looking skin. Excellent to target fine lines that may be forming around the eyes and across the forehead.


A list of easy to use products;

  • CosMedix Purity Detox Scrub
  • Societe Skin Boosting Pads – great for a weekly exfoliation or treatment of ingrown hairs on chest or back
  • Osmosis Enzyme Cleanser
  • CosMedix Hydrate+ SPF 30+
  • Osmosis Protect SPF 30+



Now you know! This is the start of a beautiful partnership with your Dermal Clinician! To start your journey call the clinic on 6282 1177 or email