You can expect to be treated by the same university qualified and highly experienced Dermal Clinician every time you attend The CAPS Clinic.  This means that over a Hair Removal Treatment Program in My Genesis, you will be treated by the same Dermal Clinician every time giving you a carefully managed and effective rejuvenation journey.

We see many people who have been “passed around” by countless other clinics, which has compromised their results and confidence in their treatment.  Our commitment to quality and continuity in our service is part of our Five Star Difference at The CAPS Clinic and in the hands of our qualified Dermal Clinicians (Canberra) you can be assured to receive the very best results possible.


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About Hair Removal in Canberra

The CAPS Clinic and My Genesis (Canberra ACT) are specialists in Laser Hair Removal Canberra.  Thanks to the introduction of the new Lightsheer Duet Diode Laser we can now offer you the most effective and pain-free laser hair treatment in Canberra.

Hair Removal is based on light/heat energy. The light is absorbed by the target which is the melanin (colour) in the hair. The light energy is then converted to heat energy, which causes damage to the specific target. Prime candidates for laser/Pulsed Light treatments are patients with darker hair and lighter skin. If the hair is blonde, red or grey, the result can be limited.

If you’re looking for hair removal in Canberra, make an appointment today with one of our qualified Dermal Clinicians.