The CAPS Clinic is excited to introduce a revolution in non-invasive exfoliation – The DermaSweep® Microdermabrasion system. This unique patented technology allows us to offer our clients not only an excellent smoothing of the epidermis, but also an infusion of a selected topical serum following the exfoliation process. The infusion, which is purposely selected for the individual, leaves the skin hydrated and protected rather than raw and vulnerable.

This unique treatment utilises brush-like technology which means it does not involve messy crystals or unpredictable suction levels. The controlled treatment method means little to no downtime and allows the skin to look clean and refreshed following a treatment.

Previously we have found that microdermabrasion systems using crystals or diamonds tips can be detrimental to the health of the skin having a “sandblasting” effect which leaves the skin weakened and sensitive.

The precise vacuum action promotes increased blood supply to the more superficial layers of the skin which makes it an ideal rejuvenation procedure for those client concerned about skin texture, colour and overall skin health.

Our Dermal Clinicians know The DermaSweep® will add significantly to their methods of treating acne, sun damage and fine lines while offering a no fuss way of maintaining results achieved with chemical peels and complements any active skin care program.