Inflammation is the central cause of all skin conditions – so why do we use products that cause further inflammation?

Have you ever read the ingredient listing on the products we put on our face!  If we all really understood the jargon and the impact some of these ingredients were, we would never put anything on our face.

Did you know that at the core of our skin conditions (such as acne, hypersensitive skin, rosacea and photodamage) is actually inflammation?  As we use many ‘off the shelf’ products containing damaging chemicals we are actually increasing the inflammation! (These chemicals include artificial colours & fragrances, artificial preservatives, sodium lauryl sulphate, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid just to name a few).

This superficial approach can cause further ongoing problems, such as rebound acne – where the epidermis goes into overdrive.  These ingredients are harsh and attempt to address the superficial problem by annihilating the skin in an effort to get some change or improvement.  While these products try to treat symptoms, they fail to improve skin health or address possible causes.

The skin is the largest organ in our body.  Not only does our skin protect us, it regulates our body temperature and has an important immune function.  And so it’s a wonder that today we are still using such harmful products on our skin.

Thankfully there is a way out of this harmful cycle – the answer is chirally correct skin care (see our Product Range).  This approach addresses the real cause of skin conditions such as free radical damage, the effects the environment has on the skin and the natural aging process.  Ingredients in chirally correct skin care have been purified to eradicate harmful irritants and formulated so that the chirally corrected molecules produce only the positive effects of each ingredient.  Not only does this drastically reduce the possibility of allergic or adverse reactions, the high concentration of the active ingredients used in medical grade products are designed to stimulate change in the skin and enhance the skins natural ability to repair itself.  So this means less inflammation and improved overall skin health.

The chirally correct difference is obvious; producing sustained improvement for people who have been previously battling issues from inflamed skin conditions.