Dermal Clinicians in Canberra | Our Team

Philipa Goodwin

The rock of the CAPS team is Philipa Goodwin. Philipa is Dr […]

Cheryl Taylor | CEO

Cheryl Taylor is the CEO of The CAPS Clinic. ¬†Together with Dr […]

Sally Mackenzie

Sally Mackenzie is a Dermal Clinician at The CAPS Clinic. She completed […]

Carly Whytcross

Carly Whytcross is a Senior Dermal Clinician at The CAPS Clinic. She […]

Kathleen Kobak


Kathleen joined us from rural NSW where she worked with a dermatologist […]

Fiona Caird


Fiona is one of CAPS’ Registered Nurse Injectors.¬† Training initially by Allergan […]

Dr Alastair Taylor

Dr Taylor is a highly qualified, accredited plastic surgeon with many years’ […]