Project Description

The CAPS Clinic and My Genesis (Canberra ACT) specialise in the treatment of skin pigmentation including freckles, brown spots, post inflammatory pigmentation and melasma.

Skin pigmentation is a complex skin condition. Depending on the type of pigment present, your Dermal Clinician may choose to utilise the benefits of IPL to treat your concern.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is a treatment that uses light to absorb the excess melanin (the dark spots on your skin). This light converts to heat, which targets and removes the superficial pigment without disrupting the skins surface. This is used as a non-invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation to improve uneven tone or discolouration of the skin while also providing a ‘fresh’ more plump, younger looking skin.

The face, chest, shoulders, arms and hands are the most popular areas for treatment, as over the years they have typically had the most sun exposure.  
On average, 1-3 treatments are sufficient to achieve desired results however additional treatments may be required to further lighten complex pigmentation. After each treatment, visible improvements can be seen within a few days. We recommend spacing appointments 4 weeks apart  to allow the skin to fully recover from a treatment but to also appreciate the full result.  
A tailored skin care and strict sun protection regime will help you enhance and maintain the results. Our Dermal Clinicians can personalise a program for you. On average, clients return to the clinic once a year for a maintenance treatment.

In recent times, we have found a lot of clinics across Canberra trying to using IPL to remove moles on clients. These machines are not designed for this purpose causing potential complications down the track. Most moles are harmless and rarely become cancerous however by removing or distorting the lesion via laser or IPL you are decreasing the ability of detecting a skin cancer, especially malignant melanoma.

The philosophy at CAPS is – If the goal is to remove a mole or lesion then surgical removal of the complete lesion is always the safest and best option. If the mole or lesion is deemed suspicious the surgeon can submit the tissue to pathology for diagnosis. If the goal is not to remove the mole or lesion then you should ask your operator to avoid or cover it up in order to prevent altering its appearance or causing a burn. At CAPS we recommend you have regular full body skin checks especially prior to commencing any laser or IPL skin treatments.

Fraxel and other fractionated laser treatments work by causing tiny columns of thermal damage to the skin forcing it to repair and heal itself. This technology is more innovative compared to the traditional CO2 laser resurfacing machines in terms of complications and downtime. However, we find that for majority of our clients fraxel is an unnecessary treatment program and concerns can be addressed with less aggressive methods.

If pigmentation is a concern then we suggest IPL as it is a more targeted and cost effective approach. A series of  IPL treatments are less than one Fraxel treatment


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