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About Skin Care

The CAPS Clinic and My Genesis (Canberra ACT) offer a full range of effective skincare treatments to rejuvenate your skin.  We believe an active skincare regime forms the foundation of all treatment programs.

Research shows that antioxidants, enzymes and gentle acids improve the function of the skin. Our Dermal Clinicians choose to work with products that contain concentrated levels of active ingredients that guarantee change.

Any skin care range adopted by The CAPS Clinic is carefully researched to ensure they contain an effective combination of ingredients that will provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

Active skin care contains concentrated levels of active ingredients such as Vitamin A and C as well as gentle acids and antioxidants, significant enough to bring about cellular change within the skin. This category of skin care is used to improve and correct skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation and ageing and do not contain skin irritants such as propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulphate and artificial fragrance, just to name a few.

At the CAPS Clinic we believe a skincare regime containing active ingredients forms the foundation of all treatment programs. Products are used within the clinic for prepping and recovery of the skin to maintain and enhance results prior to and after facial surgery. Skincare also forms the foundation required for the correction of skin disorders, skin rejuvenation and re-conditioning of the skin.

We know from experience that a well prepared and supported skin will allow you to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes while also maintaining your treatment results.

The use of sunscreen is an important preventative measure to help reduce the risk of developing skin cancer as well as premature ageing. It is an imperative part in maintaining results. protect skin from both UVA and UVB damage.

The makeup you use could be contributing to your skins condition, affecting its health and hindering your results. We recommend researching and evaluating the ingredients within your foundation, blushers and lipstick. Examples of ingredients to avoid are talc, artificial dyes and fragrances.

Our skin is an external reflection of how our bodies are functioning internally. An unhealthy diet and harmful lifestyle habits place unnecessary stress on our bodies affecting our skin. Whilst we specifically treat the skin and are committed to achieving results bear in mind that other factors may be contributing to your concern and will need to be addressed.

A full comprehensive skin analysis with our university qualified dermal clinicians is the best way to get started.

The consultation will take approximately one hour and the charge for this service is $100.

During your consultation your Dermal Clinician will:

  • discuss your concerns with you
  • examine and assess your skin
  • develop a personalised treatment plan including a tailored skin care regime designed to meet your specific concerns, lifestyle and budget.
  • provide an estimate of costs and time required to complete your treatment program.

Call the clinic on 6282 1155 to make an appointment.