Ablative lasers have been touted as the magic solution to all skin conditions. Whilst we acknowledge they have their place as a tool in the skin rejuvenation market, we do not believe ablative treatments should be used in the treatment of all skin conditions.  This belief is based on 14 years spent researching, trialling and testing a range of all types of ablative lasers.

At CAPS, our philosophy in selecting our skin treatments and machines is simple:

  • Does it work?
  • Does it provide a safe, cost effective solution to the patient?
  • Will it be detrimental to the future health of our patient’s skin?

If the treatment or skin care meets these criteria then we will incorporate it into our suite of skin rejuvenation options.  Through our years of trials, we were left with no doubt, ablative treatments definitely did not meet these criteria.

We found the same or superior results were achieved with alternative non-ablative treatments and with the added benefit of no downtime.  We also found these results were much more sustainable in developing a strong, properly functioning healthy skin, rather than a skin that had been weakened by stripping and creating a wound.

Ablative laser treatments require several days downtime and to be fully effective requires 3-4 treatments.  The treatment is not for the faint hearted. It is painful!

A disturbing and alarming trend we have noticed over the last 12 months is the dramatic increase in new patients coming to CAPS seeking repair for their damaged skin.  This damage is the direct result from poorly administered or inappropriate usage of ablative laser treatments, undertaken at other clinics.

What we have discovered is the ablative laser is routinely being recommended by other clinics as a one-stop-shop solution for all skin conditions.

The damning results of the misuse of ablative lasers being presented to us are frightening and can induce worsening of conditions, in particular melasma and rosacea. Also, post inflammatory pigmentation or hypopigmentation ie. – brown patches or white bleaching of the skin – can occur  These complications are not simple to fix and, in some cases, are permanent.

Additionally, patients are reporting they did not realise they were having ablative laser treatment as ablative lasers are often referred to by their brand names such as FRAXEL, SCITION PROFRACTIONAL, PEARL, CLEAR & BRILLIANT, EMERGE and many more.

So applying our philosophy about skin treatments, what did our research over the last 14 years show us about ablative lasers:-

Do ablative lasers work?  

Yes, but not for all skin conditions.  The severe nature of how ablative lasers achieve their results is at a significant cost to the skin.

Is it a safe and cost-effective solution? 

Through our trials, it was assessed to be so painful for patients they were not keen to return for a 2nd treatment, even with the provision of topical anaesthetics. At $1,200 to $1,500 per treatment and a minimum of 4 treatments, it definitely was not a cost effective solution for patients either. Our assessment: NO! There are much better, less painful and more effective options which cost a lot less, with no downtime.

Will it be detrimental to the future health of the skin?

Yes!  We have now seen too many cases of clients who have undertaken these treatments where their skin is permanently damaged or requires long term healing treatments to return it to it’s natural health.

Given our skin is one of our most precious assets, we strongly encourage you to do your research and get a second opinion.