If you are considering Laser Hair Removal Canberra – It’s important to know the risks

Laser hair removal is more than just ”zapping” unwanted hair. It is a medical procedure that requires highly trained dermal therapy specialists in order to perform treatments safely and effectively.

Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPLs) devices can be hazardous, particularly in the wrong hands. There have been many reported cases where patients have received an injury following a treatment using a Laser or IPL. It is important to know the risks and how they can be minimised.

Reported injuries have included but are not limited to burns, blistering, scarring, increased or decreased skin pigmentation and eye damage.

The cause of such injuries include:

  • Use of a Laser/IPL by an untrained operator
  • Incorrect assessment of patient e.g skin type
  • Inappropriate use of a Laser/IPL e.g. the wrong type of device chosen or incorrect settings
  • Medications that may make skin more sensitive to light therapies not considered or not disclosed by the patient (including recent sun exposure)
  • Safety procedures as well as pre and post treatment care not followed (e.g. use of protective eyewear)
  • Equipment malfunction.

Qualifications are important
Education is the single most important factor to consider when choosing a clinic or practitioner. Currently, there are no national guidelines in place to dictate the level of training or mandatory accreditation that an operator must have to perform laser and IPL services to the public.

With the cosmetic medical arena growing and expanding at an exponential pace it has given need for degree qualified skin and laser specialists, otherwise known as Dermal Clinicians. They have years of specialised training in dermal therapies with extensive skin biology, anatomy and physiology knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of cosmetic chemistry, laser safety, peeling procedures and nutrition – they are the most qualified in the industry. As part of their studies they have also undertaken some nursing basics, such as wound management and infection control, however they do not consider or call themselves a nurse.

This dermal therapy specific qualification has filled the much needed gap of knowledge within cosmetic practices that has otherwise been missing with nursing qualifications and beauty therapists not meeting the advanced dermal needs of patients and the understanding of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of dermal therapies. Many doctors have now realised this knowledge gap, with the dermal degree being the most highly regarded in the industry, and a movement has begun to include Dermal Clinicians as a valuable asset to their practices.

Unfortunately, not all practitioners within the dermal therapy industry have the necessary qualifications and training to undertake treatments in a safe and effective manner. So before you decide on moving forward with a treatment plan, be sure to ask your practitioner if they have nationally accredited qualifications in dermal science or dermal therapies that are from a university or a registered training organisation.

Someone who is qualified and properly trained will have all the necessary knowledge and experience to provide a thorough consultation, assess correctly and treat you appropriately. Dermal Clinicians can assess and manage risks associated with tissue interactions and advanced therapies to ensure treatments are effective and safe for consumers.

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About Hair Removal in Canberra

The CAPS Clinic and My Genesis (Canberra ACT) are specialists in Laser Hair Removal Canberra.  Thanks to the introduction of the new Lightsheer Duet Diode Laser we can now offer you the most effective laser hair treatment in Canberra.

Hair Removal is based on light/heat energy. The light is absorbed by the target which is the melanin (colour) in the hair. The light energy is then converted to heat energy, which causes damage to the specific target. Prime candidates for laser/Pulsed Light treatments are patients with darker hair and lighter skin. If the hair is blonde, red or grey, the result can be limited.

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