Your makeup could be holding you back from achieving healthy, youthful looking skin!

Makeup is not an area our patients expect us to talk about when we discuss skincare. Makeup should be an extension of your skincare regime, complementing and enhancing your skincare products and treatments. Makeup is after all another barrier on the skin, so the quality of ingredients it contains impacts your skin dramatically. At The CAPS Clinic we only work with products that enable you to achieve your skin goals and are clinically proven and value for money. I would like to share 5 key reasons why we only work with a clinical-grade mineral makeup and the benefits it delivers to the skin when used as part of your ongoing skincare routine.

Quality of Ingredients
Mineral makeup is a term widely used in makeup marketing to promote products. However, not all mineral makeups are created equally, with many having far less than 20% mineral content. Colorescience uses 100% naturally occurring minerals with additional antioxidants and vitamins to soothe, correct and protect your skin.

Anti-Ageing Properties
Free radicals, UV light and pollution all cause damage to our skin and are primarily responsible for how our skin deteriorates and ages. To combat these effects, Colorescience specifically includes antioxidants and vitamins which neutralise free radicals and physically reduce the signs of ageing.

Sun Protection
Colorescience has a specific range of products that address the need for inbuilt sun protection. The range is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for their effective sun protection properties against both UVA and UVB rays. Colorescience forms a protective barrier on your skin to help protect against the sun’s harmful rays. The products are chemical-free and contain key active ingredients of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are safe and proven ingredients for effective sun protection.

Minimum Allergy Risks
Colorescience products do not contain chemical preservatives, chemical dyes, fragrances or alcohol. These ingredients are present in most other makeup brands, and are responsible for causing or worsening skin sensitivities, inflammation and other adverse reactions. Colorescience products only use naturally occurring minerals and vitamins that support healthy skin function. You can use this range with confidence even when the integrity of your skin may have been compromised by factors such as sun damage, laser treatments or a weakened immune system.

Beautiful Coverage with Minimal Product
Colorescience makeup is weightless on your skin and you only need to apply a small amount to get full coverage. Less is definitely more when working with this high quality mineral makeup range. The benefit to you is value for money, as minimal product is needed to obtain healthy looking skin.

At The CAPS Clinic, our Dermal Clinicians take the frustration out of the equation by examining you skin to prescribe a customised skincare and makeup program to enable you to achieve your best skin possible. We work with science, facts, technology and only the best products to support optimal skin health. What this means for you is an outcome that addresses your skin concerns and gives you healthy glowing skin.