We have all heard the term “pain-free” but how realistic is this when it comes to hair removal? 

The reality is- when using a laser or light therapy treatment to destroy unwanted hair the follicle must be heated to the point where is destroyed !  Even specifically targeting the follicle there will always be collateral heat to the tissue surrounding the follicle and this equates to pain!

A pain free treatment is something we have never promoted in our clinic because put simply, we did not believe it was possible to produce an effective result without it!

All this has changed with the introduction of the latest edition to the CAPS Clinic family.  The Lightsheer Duet Diode Laser.  The new Lightsheer Laser delivers the same excellent laser wavelength (810nm) that we started out with back in 1999, however a new feature of this laser is the method of how this energy is delivered to the follicle.

Gone are the days where you needed a topical anaesthetic cream or ice to make an effective treatment more tolerable.  The Lightsheer’s incredible vacuum suction head delivers the same level of effectiveness without the need to cool or numb the skin.  In short CAPS can now provide both effectiveness and the reality of a pain free treatment.

The other amazing innovation of the Lightsheer’s new hand piece is the size.  The previous lightsheer handpiece allowed a spot size of no more than 9mm2!  This spot size is a drag – taking literally hours to treat larger areas. A larger spot size cuts down on time it take to perform these treatments (in some cases we have found the treatments are up to 75% faster!)

The difference in speed and comfort of the treatment is incredible as the spot is more than twice as large as traditional lasers.

With the ideal wavelength for hair follicle destruction, a faster more comfortable delivery system coupled with the expertise and experience of our Dermal Clinicians we can now provide the ideal hair removal treatment which we guarantee will save you time, discomfort and money!

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Experience The 5 Star Difference

  • Time – time – time.
    The Lightsheer Duet laser treatments are performed in almost a quarter of the time required of a Pulsed Light machine.
  • Little to NO discomfort
    The unique delivery system of the Lightsheer Duet means no ice or topical aesthetic is required and the treatment is very comfortable!
  • Perfect energy for effective and efficient results
    Lightsheer is the only laser on the market which delivers 810nm, the perfect wavelength required to target the hair follicle for destruction.
  • Less treatments required for long term results
    Most patients will achieve the desired results in only 4-6 treatments, saving you both money and time.
  • Qualified and highly experienced technicians perform all of our treatments
    Treatments are performed at the maximum energy level for your skin type whilst ensuring your safety and reducing the risk of an adverse outcome.