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Hair Removal :: 5 Star Difference

We have all heard the term “pain-free” but how realistic is this when it comes to hair removal? 

The reality is- when using a laser or light therapy treatment to destroy unwanted hair the follicle must be heated to the point where is destroyed !  Even specifically targeting the follicle there will always be collateral heat to the tissue surrounding the follicle and this equates to pain!

A pain free treatment is something we have never promoted in our clinic because put simply, we did not believe […]

Skincare :: The 5 Star Difference

There are many options for skincare available today.  Unfortunately, some of them don’t deliver the results they promise.  The CAPS Clinic and My Genesis team of Dermal Clinicians are committed to providing the very best in skincare treatments.

So what makes us different?  It’s a five-star difference that enables us to give you the result you’re after.

Loving Your Skin

Makeup and cosmetics have been an integral part of a woman’s life for thousands of years, from the first cosmetics that the ancient Egyptians used to the scientifically advanced products of today. As we age, we imagine how wonderful it would be to turn back the clock and see that;

Just because we are getting older doesn’t mean we need to look it!

Today rather than just covering up the imperfections within our skin we can get to the root of the problem and address overall skin health, […]