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Beating The Bulge – Hernia Treatment

The very nature of the abdominoplasty surgery allows a more exposed repair which is stronger and more reliable than the traditional […]

Dr Taylor Presents at ISAPS in Santiago

On the 26th of February, Dr Taylor presented his breakthrough abdominoplasty research to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Congress […]

Ablative Answers

Ablative lasers have been touted as the magic solution to all skin conditions. Whilst we acknowledge they have their place as […]

Getting to the Core of the Problem

There are many reasons women come to me for a tummy tuck. Often they just don’t like the look and feel […]

Abdominoplasty :: The 5 Star Difference

Do you have unsightly stomach buldge that just won’t budge?  Many women, especially following pregnancy, struggle to remove the excess around […]

Radical Reversal

Have you ever wondered why metal rusts when exposed to air and sliced apple turns brown?  This process is called oxidation […]

Breakthrough for Back Pain Treatment

Not just a pretty tummy. The abdominoplasty has always been a popular procedure, removing unsightly bumps and curves.  Yet now, thanks to […]

Hair Removal in Canberra :: 5 Star Difference

We have all heard the term “pain-free” but how realistic is this when it comes to hair removal in Canberra? 

The reality […]

Fact or Fiction: Expensive Skin Care Is Better – FICTION

There is an overwhelming array of readily available over-the-counter products, all claiming to make us look more youthful and provide solutions […]

Skin care In Canberra :: The 5 Star Difference

There are many options for skin care  in Canberra available today.  Unfortunately, some of them don’t deliver the results they promise. […]

Loving Your Skin | Skin Treatments Canberra

Makeup and cosmetics have been an integral part of a woman’s life for thousands of years, from the first cosmetics that […]

Fact or Fiction: Any Doctor Can Perform Surgery

However, to become a plastic surgeon like Dr Alastair Taylor, and a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS), requires eight […]

A New Hope

In August 2011 I was approached by David Berg from Berg Physiotherapy. Unbeknownst to me, David had arranged for three patients […]

Quick Fix Myth

In today’s fast-paced world we all lead very busy lives. In an age where everything is so accessible, and technology is […]

The Liquid Facelift

Reading through the cosmetic magazines I am dismayed to find the promises being made to unsuspecting patients of the benefits of […]