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New Hope for a Pain-free Post-Partum Life

I have always enjoyed performing abdominoplasties, gradually developing my technique since 1998, to produce a slimmer more […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – Getting the most out of your injectables; Part 1

So why is skin care, or more importantly skin CONDITION so important for longevity of your injectables? Dermal fillers are made […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – EYES! PREVENTION Vs CURE…

I truly believe the most important thing when dealing with the eye area is prevention is better than cure! The eye […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – Did my pigmentation get worse during Summer?

Did my pigment get worse during Summer?
Yes! We all seem to become a whole lot more colourful during the warmer months. […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – Secret men’s business…

Treatments for men
For a long time, society thought that the aesthetic industry was purely for women. Things have changed. Guys are […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – Where do I start with my skin?

I’ve got a problem! Where do I start?
Whether its preventing the inevitable or addressing a concern you’ve had for years you […]

Know the RISKS – Laser Hair Removal Canberra

If you are considering Laser Hair Removal Canberra – It’s important to know the risks
Laser hair removal is more than just […]

Brighter, softer skin with DermaSweep Microdermabrasion

DermaSweep is a Microdermabrasion taken to the next level. The DermaSweep exfoliation technique involves special, patent-pending bristle tips lifting away the […]

Only 4-6 Hair Removal Canberra Treatments Required – FACT

The Dermal Clinicians at The CAPS Clinic are laser hair removal Canberra specialists.
On a daily basis we see patients present for […]

Long lasting, Lash Conditioning, Smudge Proof Mascara

Long lasting, Lash Conditioning, Smudge Proof Mascara
Colorescience Mineral Mascara is long lasting, lash conditioning, smudge proof mascara.

The Colorescience formulation is resistant to […]