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New Hope for a Pain-free Post-Partum Life

I have always enjoyed performing abdominoplasties, gradually developing my technique since 1998, to produce a slimmer more […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – Getting the most out of your Injectables; Part 2


Whilst it may seem like everyone is doing it, making the decision to inject a liquid or gel in to your […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – Getting the most out of your injectables; Part 1

So why is skin care, or more importantly skin CONDITION so important for longevity of your injectables? Dermal fillers are made […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – EYES! PREVENTION Vs CURE…

I truly believe the most important thing when dealing with the eye area is prevention is better than cure! The eye […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – Did my pigmentation get worse during Summer?

Did my pigment get worse during Summer?
Yes! We all seem to become a whole lot more colourful during the warmer months. […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – Secret men’s business…

Treatments for men
For a long time, society thought that the aesthetic industry was purely for women. Things have changed. Guys are […]

Skin and Tonic with Sal – Where do I start with my skin?

I’ve got a problem! Where do I start?
Whether its preventing the inevitable or addressing a concern you’ve had for years you […]

Know the RISKS – Laser Hair Removal Canberra

If you are considering Laser Hair Removal Canberra – It’s important to know the risks
Laser hair removal is more than just […]

Brighter, softer skin with DermaSweep Microdermabrasion

DermaSweep is a Microdermabrasion taken to the next level. The DermaSweep exfoliation technique involves special, patent-pending bristle tips lifting away the […]

Only 4-6 Hair Removal Canberra Treatments Required – FACT

The Dermal Clinicians at The CAPS Clinic are laser hair removal Canberra specialists.
On a daily basis we see patients present for […]