Actinica – Liposomal Sunscreen

Actinica® Lotion is a highly effective medical device developed especially for people who are at a higher risk than others to develop skin cancer due to UV exposure. It is an SPF 50+ sunscreen with an advanced liposomal formulation, leading the next generation in UVA & UVB protection. It is a hydrating, light–weight lotion trusted to provide the highest UV protection*.

Actinica® Lotion is the first and only medical device with demonstrated effectiveness in the prevention of various forms of NMSC in a clinical study:

  • 53% reduction of actinic keratosis lesions within two years of regular administration of Actinica® Lotion
  • no new invasive squamous cell carcinoma within two years following regular administration of Actinica® Lotion

Actinica Lotion SPF 50+

Available sizes: 80g

When used as part of your daily skincare routine, Actinica® Lotion may help prevent premature skin ageing and may assist in preventing some skin cancers


  • Actinica® Lotion contains a modern combination of long lasting, photostable UV filters, which cover the UVA/UVB spectrum to absorb, reflect and scatter UV radiation
  • Easy and convenient application – the specially designed pump dispenser helps you apply a consistent amount of Actinica® Lotion to your skin and provides reassurance that you are using enough lotion to protect yourself.
  • Actinica® Lotion contains extra moisturising properties to help improve skin texture. It does not contain fragrance or PEG emulsifiers, which helps ensure the liposomal lotion is well tolerated.

Actinica Lotion is suitable for all skin types.

* AS/NZS 2604: 2012 ‘very high’ Always read the label. Use only as directed. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and always wear protective clothing, hat and sunglasses when exposed to the sun.